Thursday, July 20, 2017

Untitled Doodle 7-17

Picture of the Day
A Doodle
Blue ink on unlined paper
4.25"x 4.5"
EdNote: Th colored square is not connected to the drawing. 
The drawing itself is on paper with printing on the back.

This week someone sent me an article about the benefits of doodling. Scientists studied patterns of blood flow in the brain when people engaged in various activities. Artists already know that creative expression is rewarding, but science has begun to recognize that there are other benefits. After making art people are better problem solvers. Doodling is especially potent. Here's a link to the full story

20 years ago I conceived of a project that I called Dandy Yankee Doodles in which I had hoped to collect doodles from famous people and turn them into art cards or print them on T-shirts to sell and raise money for needy kids. This was before the days of the Internet and I used a resource from the library to find addresses. Mortimer Adler's secretary wrote to say Mr. Adler did not doodle. An assistant for Julie Andrews sent me a standard publicity still of the former Mary Poppins. But Annie Dillard sent me a real doodle. It was fun to receive. You can see it here on my original website.

Would you like to buy my doodle?
$10 will be set aside for charity. $1 for S&H
It's one of a kind!

$11 via PayPal (includes postage)
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